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Did you know that...?

By sandro.cirulli - Posted on 23 February 2012

Statistics are an important tool in a network like SCI to get a good overview of the volunteering activities and the developing trends in volunteering. As volunteers look more and more for long term projects, it is very important to put additional efforts into collecting data regarding LTV and EVS exchanges. The tool to collect this data is provided in the framework of the long term projects database.  In order to be able to provide useful information at the end of the year, the data for the statistics needs to be collected carefully. We want to avoid missing data as much as possible, and of course collect consistent information from the different organisations. For example, if SCI Switzerland claims to have sent 3 LTVs to Sri Lanka, we also hope that the SCI Sri Lanka claims that they hosted 3 Swiss LTVs. Otherwise we are suddenly confronted to this famous issue of “losing volunteers” ;-)  The tool (online form) in the long term projects database was designed to address these issues:

  • Each volunteer has to be entered in the system twice, once by the sending organisation and once by the hosting organisation.
  • Volunteers are entered as soon as they finish their project. This has two main advantages:
    • No risk of losing the data between the time when the projects ended and the time point of entering the data for the statistics.
    • No rush at the end of the year when all data needs to be provided at once.
  • A volunteer is counted in the statistics for the calender year in which he/she finished his/her project.

Furthermore, the online form also asks some questions about the preparation of the volunteer and the implementation of the project. This information allows LTEG to get a broader picture of LTVing in the SCI network. It allows us to better help by adapting the LTV Practical Procedures to the concrete needs/situation and by providing documentation/trainings on appropriate topics.And, yes:

  • You can also register volunteers who came to your organisation from outside of the SCI network as well as volunteers you sent to a project outside of the SCI network.
  • If you have many volunteers to register, you can ask for additional accounts to the database (with restricted rights, such that they are only allowed to enter statistics) which you can give, for example, to the mentors of the volunteers.
  • You can (and should) also register EVS projects.
  • There is more information and guidance available: have a look at the manual for the long term projects database (Click on “Help” once you logged in).

If you do not yet have an account on SCI’s long term projects database, or if you need help to register your volunteers, feel free to contact Philippe.