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Did you know that...? Placement Officer Training

By smarta - Posted on 11 March 2011

POT is not only the colloquial&street name for marihuana. It means a lot more, especially in SCI world.

Placement Officer Training (POT) is a training for incoming and outgoing placement officers, organized by LTEG Working Group shortly before the start of Placement Season each year.

POT takieslace in mid-March and is hosted by one of the European SCI branch. In 2007 POT was hosted by SCI Germany in Bonn, year after, in 2008 – in Paris, in 2009 it took place in Rome, Italy, this year it was organized in Dublin, Ireland.

Every SCI branch&partner organisation is entitled to send their placement officer to POT – usually, the group consists of 20-25 people.

Why is POT so important?

*placement officers are getting to know the Placement Practical Procedures for coming season,
*they learn how to use the Online Placement System (OPS) and how to place volunteers on workcamps,
*they get to know other PO’s from different branches, which is really useful during their work,
*they are informed about ways to deal with possible crisis situation and conflict management,
*the prep-team and trainers are experienced SCI activists, familiar with placement – they are there to share their knowledge and answer all questions of new placement officers.