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How to get active

A working group is nothing without its activists. Just a plan of action and a steering group is not enough... or then it would be a very large steering group or a very meagre plan of action.

LTEG is currently experiencing a shortage of (active) activists. Many of the current activists are facing changes in their non-SCI life, and will not be able to dedicate so much time to LTEG anymore. We are therefore desperately in need of new forces.

Are you willing to join? The tasks at hand are very diverse. Also, most activities are not settled in advance. The plan of action is put together and revisied by the group.

Possible tasks for LTEG activists

- prepare meetings such as the Placement Officer Training (POT)
- plan future activities and write grant applications
- look for new hosting projects
- work on cooperation with other working groups
- update documents concerning long term volunteering (handbook, practical procedures, etc.)
- work on the visibility of LTEG (homepage, facebook,...)
- edit the newsletter about long term volunteering (LTNews)
- take care of the database of projects and the vacancies lists
- represent LTEG at international meetings and seminars

If you are a former LTV volunteer you might be also interested in:
- becoming a contact person for volunteers of your country,
- organising a training for outgoing volunteers,
- looking for new hosting projects,
- organising workcamps, being a camp leader,
- sharig your experience in the members' magazine.

The steering group is there to coordinate the implementation of the activities on the plan of action and to support the activists in their tasks.

Please also spread the message of our shortage of activists within your organisation, and ask interested persons to contact us to get more information.