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LTV at Mandat International (Switzerland)

Mandat InternationalMandat InternationalProject: Mandat International (welcome centre for NGOs)

Theme: North-South solidarity

Project Description

The Welcome Centre for NGOs and delegations aims to encourage the participa-tion of non-governmental delegates at international conferences held in Genevaand to create a place of exchange between delegates from different geographical regions and fields of work. The Welcome Centre gives priority to delegates comingfrom least developed countries and developing countries. By helping delegates in their daily tasks and reducing their accommodation costs, we hope to restoremore equity in North-South relations and turn Geneva into a truly democratic forum that is accessible to all.

The volunteer’s work falls into 3 categories (in order of importance): 1. Help to run the Welcome Centre: cooking a meal once a week for delegates(around 10 people), shopping, occasional cleaning, shuttle driving, etc. 2. Help to welcome delegates: check-in, administration, support and possibly organization of cultural activities. 3. If possible, the volunteer gets the opportunity to join some international conferences as an observer. The volunteer will work 40 hours per week.

Be autonomous and well organised, responsible and sociable. Driving license and working experience is an asset. English and French are essential, Spanish is an asset.

Food: provided by the Welcome Centre

Accommodation: a single room in the Welcome Centre, shared bathroom and shower

Pocket money: 200 CHF per month

Insurance: SCI insurance