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Minutes of LTEG SG meetings

By sandro.cirulli - Posted on 16 February 2012

During the year the steering group of LTEG meets several times to have online meetings. Main aim of these meetings is to make sure the plan of action is implemented and to handle different issues related to LTVing popping up during the year. Each of these meetings is minuted. You can find the minutes of the meetings since the last LTEG Annual Meeting below. You can also download zip archives holding minutes from meetings in past years.

Minutes_LTEG_SGM_14-Nov-2013.pdf110.66 KB
Minutes_LTEG_PLOT_15_Oct_2013.pdf61.59 KB
Minutes_LTEG_PLOT_23_Sep_2013.pdf47.67 KB
Miutes_LTEG_PLOT_09_Sep_2013.pdf72 KB
Minutes_LTEG_PLOT_19_Aug_2013.pdf65.89 KB
Minutes_LTEG_SGM_Meeting_12_Aug_13.pdf57.4 KB
Miutes_LTEG_SG_Meeting_10_June_201382.4 KB
Minutes_LTEG_SG_meeting_17_Mar_2013.pdf64.53 KB
Minutes_LTEG_SG_meeting_18_Feb_2013.doc30 KB
Minutes_LTEG_SG_meeting_27_Jan_2013.pdf45.82 KB
Minutes_LTEG_SG_meeting_28_Dec_2012.pdf49.81 KB
Minutes_LTEG_SG_meeting_2_Dec_2012.pdf54.22 KB
Minutes LTEG SG meeting 9 May 2012104.45 KB
Minutes LTEG SG meeting 12 January 2012163.36 KB
Minutes LTEG SG meeting 28 November 2011117.32 KB
Minutes LTEG SG meeting 19 October 201149.42 KB
Minutes LTEG SG meeting October 2011441.52 KB
Minutes LTEG SG meeting 8 September 2010318.68 KB