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What we do

Our Mission Statement

1. Our mission is to promote the aims of SCI by long term volunteer*(LTV) exchange.
The long-lasting commitment LTVs make to their projects enables sustained work for peace, both on a concrete level for SCI branches, partners and hosting projects, and on a personal level for volunteers and community members. We consider LTV exchange as an essential activity of SCI complementary to workcamps.

2. Our aims are to:
- strengthen and improve LTV activities in SCI
- involve more branches and partners in LTV exchange
- seek recognition for LTV exchange in SCI

3. To reach our aims we will
- advertise the benefits of LTV inside and outside SCI
- co-ordinate LTV activities at international level
- facilitate cooperation among branches and partners
- standardise the exchange process
- assist branches, partners and working groups to develop LTV activities
- evaluate and improve LTV activities inside SCI
- be a platform for new ideas and new ways to organise LTVing

*LTVing is volunteering lasting more than one month